Participants will receive an introduction to using the Fountas and Pinnell System 1 (levels A-N) and System 2 (levels L-Z).  Throughout the class, teachers will learn about administering, coding, and scoring a benchmark assessment.

Participants will receive a brief overview of the Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System conference to better understand its powerful instructional implications. This class will prepare teachers to analyze their benchmark results to group students, track progress over time, analyze trends, and compare data within their class in order to inform their literacy instruction based on students’ strengths and needs.  Participants will discuss and apply provided models for using assessment results to place children in groups; plan for individual, small-group, and whole class instruction; and connect assessment and instruction through the use of the The Fountas & Pinnell Literacy Continuum.

Course Description: This course will focus on helping readers who find literacy learning difficult.  It will be grounded in Irene C. Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell’s work, which is based on more than thirty years of studying, teaching and researching struggling readers.  Participants will read and apply learning from chapters of When Readers Struggle: Teaching That Works. Teachers will work to recognize struggling readers’ strengths through analysis of reading behaviors, using both informal and formal assessments.  They will study and apply techniques to help students overcome their reading difficulties and will focus on how to engage low achieving students in literacy.  Participants will target their approaches towards classroom, small group and individual instruction.

This 3-hour online workshop will introduce participants to an overview of the Common Core and enable them to successfully write and develop ELA lessons that will align with, and identify CC ELA Standards as well as College And Career Ready Anchor Standards being addressed in the participants' lessons. By providing a selection of resources that I believe are well developed models, participants will have the opportunity to see fully developed CCS- aligned units.  Each participant will complete at least one fully developed CC aligned lesson that they will be able to use in their classroom.